Selling Your Property

Finding the right Agent to Sell and Market your properties is very important and plays a very pivotal role when it comes to getting your property sold or rented. house for sale

You should make sure you have the original title deeds because you cannot sell the property without them so these documents are very important. The agent will also need a copy of the plot plan and a copy of the land tax bill. 

Also finding the right Attorney to represent you is very important because it's ultimately up to them to decide how long the sales process will take which can range from 5 months to a year, but if you wish we can recommend some Attorneys that we work closely with.

Always remember to set realistic prices if you want your property sold because over priced properties remain on the market longer.

Real Estate Agent Fees

Sales Transaction - 5% of the contract price

Long term rentals - one months rent plus 17.5 Vat

Short term rental less than 6 months - 15% of the entire revenue earned plus 17.5% Vat

Property Transfer Tax 

Applies to both National and Non National Vendors

Land Only - 2.5% of the purchase price

House & Land - first $125,000 exempt, 2.5% on the excess

Stamp Duty - 1%

Land tax - varies depending on the value of the property

Real estate agent - 5% plus vat of the purchase price

Legal Fees

1. Up to $25,000 - $750

2. On the next $75,000  2%

3. On the next $100,000 1.5%

4. On the next $300,000 1.25%

5. Then after 1%

17.5%  VAT is Payable

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Shabahn Carter